For Ed Asner, comic-books and autism are family matters

Published 10-17-2018

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LOS ANGELES (AP) - Even at age 88, actor Ed Asner still hangs out at the comic-book store with his kid.

Early last week, the Asners could be spotted at Hollywood's legendary Golden Apple Comics. But they weren't shopping.

Instead, the two were promoting an internet comic-art auction to raise funds for The Ed Asner Family Center. The auction goes live Wednesday.

Founded earlier this year by the actor's son, Matthew, and daughter-in-law, Navah, the center offers programs and education for both special-needs children and their families.

Father and son have had a comic-book connection for decades, when the two would buy a couple of new comic books before the elder Asner would take his son to work on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

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