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After a year as a baseball team, Oklahoma City became one of the boosters, often referred to as "OKC," and recently made it into the top 100 of Oklahoma City's best residences. Located less than two miles from the University of Oklahoma, each room offers views of the city skyline and a full-service restaurant and bar. We have launched a survey to develop Oklahoma residents "current perceptions of the best and worst parts of their city, with the goal of translating current perceptions of OKC into a more accurate portrayal of that city in the future.

The museum in nearby Norman has a long history as one of the largest and most influential museums in Oklahoma City history with more than 1,000 exhibits.

The Arts Council of Oklahoma City also makes it easy to experience the art without even stepping foot in the museum. There are many free activities to make visits more affordable for children, and there is a hands-on gallery for children that allows children to interact with the exhibits. From the Science Museum to the Oklahoma Zoo, there are many ways your child can have fun and learn at the same time. The Dinosaur Trench belongs to the children and shows their own dinosaurs, dinosaurs and dinosaurs from all over the world.

Other museums to visit: Visit the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma City University. All of the above museums and many other museums and galleries are located on campus. You can also visit Moore's monuments and portraits or learn more about the university and its affiliated universities and other higher education institutions such as the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of History.

If you haven't been to the Oklahoma City Zoo in a few years, you may not know what you're missing because you weren't. Visit Edmond and Tulsa or check out our list of free activities in Oklahoma City. Look for free events and events at the Moore Museum of Natural History, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and other museums and galleries. Get the latest news, weather, traffic and traffic updates and more from our mobile app for iOS and Android.

There are many special specimens that we have in the museum, of which other major museums across the country do not even have pieces. Join us as we bring you a variety of exhibits at the Moore Museum of Natural History, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and other museums and galleries. Many of the items in our collections, such as birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, were originally expressions of individual tastes.

This property near Norman Town Center is home to the Moore Museum of Natural History and the University of Oklahoma. Located in the heart of downtown Moore, just blocks from the Oklahoma State University campus, this place offers all the conveniences you need.

The mission of the Oklahoma Historical Society is to collect, preserve and share the history and culture of our state of Oklahoma. Anadarko is also home to the Moore Museum of Natural History and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Museum. Learn more about the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma and its history in Moore and Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City offers a wide range of high quality museums, many of which are completely free. Featuring stunning Chihuly glass pieces, rotating exhibits and Ansel Adams art gallery works, it's free on select Sundays in spring and fall. They are working to improve the quality of life for people in Oklahoma, their families and their communities.

If you have a membership in your local zoo or aquarium, which is part of the reciprocity program, you can enter the OKC Zoo free of charge.

Next door in the Adventure District, the Oklahoma City Zoo houses a variety of exhibits, including the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. Oklahoma City has a lot to love, and if you can spend a day in the Adventure District and explore the Science Museum, Oklahoma State University or the OKC Zoo, you'll feel a vibrant energy everywhere. Forget the Courtyard by Marriott at the University of Oklahoma and head to the shops and restaurants in Midtown.

For families with debt - we love that Oklahoma is also a budget - it's a friendly place to explore. Oklahoma City is located in the center of Oklahoma State, just a short drive from the Oklahoma State University and University of Oklahoma campuses, and it is only an hour and a half from downtown.

As Oklahoma's third-largest city, Norman also boasts a growing arts and music scene, including the Norman Music Hall of Fame and Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The Will Rogers Memorial Museum in Claremore is hosting an exhibition that showcases the life and work of the late professor and artist William Rogers of Oklahoma State University. In 1995, we acquired the collection of animator Chuck Jones and his wife Nancy, which was acquired by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARSA) of the National Park Service. Chuck Jones, the animator who created characters for Warner Bros., is on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

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