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The Urban Air Moore site will open to the public at the end of 2018 and will feature state-of-the-art, high-quality modern art and design, as well as a full-service restaurant, bar and retail space. Today we announced that we have entered into a lease agreement for a new state-of-the-art urban air conditioning system in Moore, Oklahoma. The Urban complex, located at the intersection of Moore Boulevard and Moore Avenue in the heart of downtown, will be located in an open-air space on the ground floor of a former industrial building.

The park will continue to be equipped with a restaurant, bar and retail space, as well as an outdoor amphitheatre. It will offer a variety of art, music, food and drinks as well as an open-air space.

Residents can follow the progress of the Urban Air Moore website on Facebook and subscribe to coupons that offer discounts on food, drinks, parking and other on-site amenities, as well as free parking. For more information about Moore's monuments and portraits, visit the Moore Museum of Art's Facebook page and the Oklahoma City Museum's website.

In 2000, the famous figurative sculptor was commissioned to create 45 monuments in Oklahoma City to celebrate the state's centennial. One of them was a sculpture of a sitting figure of Jesus Christ with arms and legs, which was placed on the Norman campus. In the same year, another sculpture, "The Coming of Age," was erected in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol in Norman, the capital of Oklahoma. He was also honored in 2011 for erecting a statue of President George W. Bush on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

The first painting he participated in a competition organized by the American Society of Watercolor Painters and Sculptors (ASC) in San Diego, California, was a painting of a young woman holding her hands up in the air. He showed 22 of his 30 transparent watercolors at the Millard Sheets JuriedSan Diego Watercolor Society exhibition in 2006.

He needed more exposure for his paintings, and he could do just that, so he brought his art to the Oklahoma State Museum of Art in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in the fall of 1984. The exhibition offered him a place to sell the art and explain his gradual process to the public. He has been showing art in the museum for more than 20 years, most recently in 2010 and 2011.

I immediately turned a room into a studio, moved my art supplies and drawing tables, led an extension cable to the garage, and began painting watercolors during the evenings of work. While I am still painting traditional watercolors, I take the painting out when it is ready and hang it in the gallery for a few days or weeks.

I am currently working on several commissions for the Land Run Monument and also with the University of Oklahoma in Norman. I was also a member of the Oklahoma State Museum of Art and the Tulsa Art Museum. Paul Moore is also an artist-in-residence at the Norman Art Center and has created a series of murals and drawings for local and national museums as well as the National Park Service and the Oklahoma Department of Natural Resources.

The artwork is on view through August 2 at the Norman Art Center and Oklahoma State Museum of Art in Norman.

Urban Air will hire 60 residents for its new Moore location and begin accepting applications this summer. Urban Air Moore will include a climbing wall, a yoga studio, yoga classes, fitness classes and more. A full list of the artworks and information about the new space can only be found at UrbanAir.

Moore uses large horizontal and vertical lines, interspersed with smaller ones, to create a block shape in the center of the image. Smaller horizontal lines are used to create a series of stairs that at first appear like stairs, but in reality it is a staircase. The task was to look at the artwork for at least 45 minutes and write about its close experience, followed by your interpretation.

The City of Oklahoma City, in collaboration with the US government and the State of Oklahoma, has commissioned a huge memorial to commemorate the men and women who have ridden through the five Oklahoma counties. The massive sculpture took five years to complete, and in August 2014 the monument was named one of 20 objects in Oklahoma Magazine's Shape Oklahoma. This massive, 1.80-meter-high, tarpaulin-covered sculpture was completed in December 2019 and depicts the events of the Oklahoma Land Run, when more than 50,000 settlers galloped through the state to assert their claims.

The Laguna Art Museum sent boxes to 50 regional artists, who asked them to use the boxes as works of art.

In 1977, I left my printing house, longing for a change and feeling driven to paint, and took a job as a graphic designer in Newport Beach. I told Carol that I wanted to be a full-time painter and started my own graphic design business to pay the bills. And so I was able to sell my art. Forty years later, the two paintings were given to Carol, and I saved a few watercolours and hung them all over the house. Twenty-five years ago, Dad stopped painting, but he got the urge to paint watercolours again and came back to it.

More About Moore

More About Moore